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08th November 2015 - The latest - Comments -

 In this post I invite you to visit with me some of the most interesting parts of Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Always under my point of view, trying to capture those unique moments which are representative of these places I visit. You could see more pictures of these locations in the travel gallery.

David Riquelme-1
David Riquelme-2
David Riquelme-3
David Riquelme-4
David Riquelme-5
David Riquelme-6
David Riquelme-7
David Riquelme-8
David Riquelme-9
David Riquelme-10
David Riquelme-11
David Riquelme-12
David Riquelme-13
David Riquelme-14
David Riquelme-15
David Riquelme-16
David Riquelme-17
David Riquelme-18
David Riquelme-19
David Riquelme-20
David Riquelme-21
David Riquelme-22
David Riquelme-23
David Riquelme-24
David Riquelme-25
David Riquelme-26
David Riquelme-27
David Riquelme-28
David Riquelme-29
David Riquelme-30
David Riquelme-31
David Riquelme-32
David Riquelme-33
David Riquelme-34
David Riquelme-35
David Riquelme-36
David Riquelme-37
David Riquelme-38
David Riquelme-39
David Riquelme-40
David Riquelme-41
David Riquelme-42
David Riquelme-43
David Riquelme-44
David Riquelme-45
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